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About our Community

About our Community




“You are always welcome in Cross River. We look forward to taking good care of you. Once you’ve got that Cross River feeling inside of you, you’ll never want to leave.”

-Senator Liyel Imoke, Governor, Cross River (2009)

23,074 Sq-km of Landmass

Land size of 23,074 with Proportional Area Size of 6.39% of Nigeria’s landmass and accounts for over 60% of Nigeria’s forest reserves with a total carbon value in excess of $1.5 billion

18,000 Sq-km Arable & Fertile Agricultural Lands

Has over 1.8 million Hectares of arable land suitable for cultivation of a variety of crops apart from its vast deposits of diverse solid minerals including limestone, barite, salt and granite

3.5 mn Hospitable inhabitants

Population of over 3.5 million people; 765,863 households and a population growth rate of 2.8% per annum

2 Free Trade Zones
1 Sea Port, 1 Air Port
Skilled & Educated Manpower

With a skilled and educated manpower base from over 2.1 million literate population

Nigeria’s haven for tourism

Nigeria’s premier tourism destination with investments of N250 billion in the sector over the last 12 years including Tinapa & Obudu Resorts

Investment Destination

Proactive & preferred friendly investment destination

Business Hub

Nigeria’s fastest emerging business hub With supporting infrastructure & Industrial Development Zone

Secure and Friendly

Secure & friendly Environment for business and leisure and living