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About the Chamber

About the Chamber

"we lend our support to efforts that benefit our overall economy..."

The Calabar Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines & Agriculture is an organization of businesses, trade & civic organizations that have joined together to promote the business and commercial progress of Cross River State.

Established in 1942 for the promotion of trade, tourism, commerce, industry, natural resource utilization and agriculture. It is also saddled with the responsibility of representing as well as expressing the opinion of the entire business community of Cross River State and where applicable the whole Federation on matters affecting/relating to the above stated ideals and other objectives for which it was established.

Membership in Cross River State’s largest advocacy and networking organization is an incredible way to unify the voice of Cross River business leaders, so we can have a powerful impact in moving our businesses in a positive direction.

We lend our support to efforts that benefit our overall economy, while keeping businesses informed and connected to pertinent issues that can affect their bottom line.

Our Vision

  • To become an invaluable resource to all public/private businesses and a platform for fostering working partnerships and promoting economic growth both locally and internationally.

Our Mission

  • To encourage contributions – tangible, intellectual and otherwise – by the business community to individuals, institutions, communities, governments and others. 
  • To advocate and protect the rights, privileges and interests of MSME’s. 
  • To actively engage relevant stakeholders for the promotion and enhancement of businesses and all commercial activities in Cross River State ;
  • To pursue the improvement of business practices;

Our Primary Roles

  • It seeks to promote the welfare of the state’s business community and the business environment, specifically through the enhancement and protection of businesses.
  • It provides specific services to its members and the business community as a whole.

Our Corporate Values

  • We value a level playing field where every business has an opportunity to succeed.
  • We value integrity and promote ethical standards
  • We value community by connecting businesses to each other, prospective customers and essential resources.
  • We facilitate long term relationships built on trust and productivity.

Objectives of the Chamber

  • To help our members succeed and grow through our programs and partnerships.
  • To consistently work to overcome barriers to future economic development of our local & national economy.
  • To promote a healthy and positive business climate for businesses operating in the State through our advocacy activities.
  • To provide select support and business development services to members and business community.